18 Reasons Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Make It to the Super Bowl This Year

It’s been two decades since the Dallas Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl, and on January 28, 1996, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a sweet win, but that taste of victory no longer lingers.

This year, however, they’re poised to be back on top and regain their place as one of the most revered teams in the NFL.

Here’s why:

Tony Romo’s broken collarbone

Romo got a lot of flak from teammates when he was dating Jessica Simpson, who was considered a bad luck charm when he totally choked when she attended his games. His previous girlfriend, Carrie Underwood, also led to some underwhelming – and losing – performances. Commentator Joe Buck noted, “It’s never easy to play in front of your girlfriend.”

While Romo is now married to Candice Crawford, former Miss Missouri, if he’s not playing, his curse will not follow.


Tony Romo will likely be back

If Romo recovers in time for the playoffs, he started his football career in Wisconsin (he was the quarterback for the Burlington High School Demons beginning in his junior year), where they know how to win a Super Bowl. (Lest anyone forget, the Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls, and winning teams now receive the Vince Lombardi trophy honoring that team’s celebrated coach.)

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett

He played seven seasons as a Cowboys quarterback in the 1990s, and took the team to the Super Bowl three times. He’s the first former Dallas Cowboys player to become the team’s head coach, and he likely hasn’t forgotten how it’s done.

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