18 of Trumps Favorite Phrases

“Nobody knows more about ____ than me.”

As Donny keeps reminding us over and over again, he’s very smart. Some would even call him “one of the smartest people anywhere in the world,” so why are you so surprised that nobody knows more about ____ then him? Debt? Nobody! Taxes? Only he knows how to fix them! Renewables? Trump knows more than any human being on Earth! The only things he doesn’t know anything about are losing and ugly women because he’s never experienced either.

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“Fake News”

Even though misinformation didn’t exactly hurt Donald Trump in the recent election, ever since he took office he’s been on about “fake news.” Trump has been quick to call out news organizations like CNN and Buzzfeed as “garbage” and dismissing unflattering stories and polls about him as “fake news.”  Deep down though, you know Anderson Cooper was probably right when he said that Trump “watches me on CNN probably more than my mom.”

“Make America Great Again”

“Make America Great Again”— #MAGA as Trump supporters like to tweet— has evolved from a simple slogan into a full-blown political movement. Despite evidence that Ronald Reagan first used the saying during his 1980 presidential campaign, Trump has insisted that he coined it. “The phrase, that was mine, I came up with it … everybody’s now using it, they are all loving it,” he claimed in 2015. Whether or not you agree with its sentiment (or can say with any certainty when exactly America was “great”), you have to admit it sure looks snappy emblazoned on the front of those Chinese sweatshop made baseball caps.

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