18 of Trumps Favorite Phrases

“Tired of winning”

We’re just three weeks into Trump’s reign; are you tired of winning yet? Trump warned us numerous times over the course of his campaign that if he were to get elected, America would be “so tired of winning” and that we would beg him to make the winning stop. Sorry Donny, but America actually got tired of “winning” several years ago after we were forced to hear Charlie Sheen say it over and over during his great public meltdown of 2011.

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“Drain the swamp”

One phrase that seemed to truly resonate with Trump voters was his promise to “drain the swamp” that Washington, D.C. had apparently become. At the time, Trump seemed to be referring to the number of career politicians and lobbyists who worked in and around the White House, but now we’re not so sure since he has filled his cabinet with none other than career politicians and lobbyists.

“Very much…”

These are commonly used words but the way Trump uses them truly sets him apart. Trump has been quoted as saying things like, “we will be doing very much better with Mexico” and “people that are very much smarter.” While some might classify these as grammatical errors that signify a poor grasp of the spoken word, we would argue that Trump is simply demonstrating that he’s a natural born leader who won’t kowtow to foreign powers. Yeah, we’re talking to you, England! Just because you invented the language doesn’t mean you get to tell us how to use it.

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