18 of Trumps Favorite Phrases

“Nobody really knows!”

As he’s emphatically stated, Donald Trump is a very smart man who knows a lot of things. One of the things he knows is that nobody else seems to know things. For example, “nobody really knows” if climate change is real (it is), if it was really Russia who hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails (it was), or how close Turkey is with ISIS (or whatever it was he was trying to say here) among other things. We’re not sure why nobody but Trump seems to know things, but he says it has something to do with computers. Believe him.

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If there’s one thing Trump hates, it’s a “lightweight” which the dictionary defines as “one of little consequence or ability.” Among Trump’s list of lightweights is Senator Lindsay Graham, Senator Marco Rubio, Modern Family writer Danny Zuker, New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman,  CNN anchor Don Lemon, FOX anchor Megyn Kelly, former CIA Director Michael Morell … and, you get the picture.


Despite the cheery exclamation point on his campaign logo, Jeb! Bush was never cut out for the presidency because of one major personality flaw that only Donald Trump was bold enough to point out: he was too “low-energy.” Trump, on the other hand, is bursting with energy. He’s got the best energy and tons of it to spare. Trump has so much energy that he’s had to spend his third straight weekend as President vacationing at his estate in Mar-a-Lago. You know, to burn off all that extra energy.

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