18 of Trumps Favorite Phrases

“Many people are saying…”

We doubt that it would fly if you cited “many people” as a reliable source on your college term paper, but somehow when the President of the United States does it, it’s totally fine. While some politicians prefer to back their statements with reports and studies, Trump often claims that “many people are saying” whatever point it is he’s attempting to make. What can he say? He’s a man of the people.

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“Smart people”

Not only does Trump know “many people,” but he also has, knows and talks to the “smartest people.” We’re not sure where he’s finding these smart people considering that he has alienated many scientists, educators, experts, and even the U.S. intelligence community, but he’s talking to them. And they always agree with him because he too, is very smart. “I’m, like, a smart person,” Trump has told the press. “I have a very good brain.”

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“Total disaster”

According to Trump, everything in America is a “total disaster.” Whether it’s Obama’s presidency, Obamacare, the common core education system, America’s foreign policy, the electoral college (circa 2012, of course), or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on the latest season of The Apprentice; they are all total disasters. Trump has even asked that the nation pray for the ratings of The Apprentice.

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