17 Wealthiest Murderers of History

Sometimes the fabulously wealthy think their affluence somehow places them above the law. Here’s our list of some of history’s richest and deadliest murderers:

Robert Durst

Robert Durst became the talk of the nation when HBO released a documentary series about him called The Jinx. Born to a New York City developer, millionaire Robert Durst not only most likely killed his wife Kathleen back in 1982 and his friend Susan Berman in 2000, abut he most definitely killed and dismembered his neighbour Morris Black in 2001.

H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes was born in 1861 to an affluent family, but despite this, grew up to be a scam artist who travelled the country defrauding anyone he could.

After killing a pharmacist in Chicago, Holmes stole his fortune and established his own business, building a three-story hotel to house visitors of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Holmes “hotel” was later referred to as a “murder castle” when it was found to be filled with traps and secret rooms where he was thought to have murdered possibly hundreds of fairgoers. Holmes was apprehended and sentenced to death in 1896.

Public Domain

Public Domain

Phil Spector

Phil Spector was once a respected music producer known for inventing the “wall of sound” recording technique, but that legacy was tarnished when Spector was convicted of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Clarkson’s body was found in the foyer of Spector’s California mansion with a gunshot wound to the head in 2003. Spector claims it was a suicide but is currently serving 19 years to life for the crime.

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