17 “As Seen on TV” Products That Are Actually Awesome

We watch infomercials like some people watch Game of Thrones. The greyed out footage of inept people who can’t do simple things at the beginning, the loud and overly cheerful hosts, the pretend excitement from the studio audience; we just can’t get enough! Not every product lives up to its commercial’s glory, but surprisingly, some do.

Here are some “As Seen on TV” products that are actually worth the money.

Hercules Hook

This thin wire hook doesn’t look like much, but it really does work as advertised. Perfect for city apartment dwellers, The Hercules Hook eliminates the need for drills or hammers; you just push it into the wall and hang whatever you like on it. Not only can the Hercules Hook hold up to 150 lbs of weight, when you take it out it, all it leaves behind is a tiny hole in the wall, so both renters and landlords are left happy.

Perfect Brownie Pan

This may be a matter of opinion, but the best brownies are the ones on the edge of the pan. You know, the ones with the soft center but the thick chewy crust on the outside? Now, instead of being that jerk who hogs all the edge pieces, you can make sure everyone gets one with the Perfect Brownie pan. Its grid design not only makes every brownie in the batch into an edge piece, it saves you from having to cut them into squares after they’re cooled. Perfection!


Genie Bra

We figured out Victoria’s secret – she must have small, perky and well-behaved bosoms. Unfortunately, we can’t all be as lucky as Victoria and some ladies need a little more support than her undergarments can offer us. The Genie Bra is perfect for anyone who struggles to find the right fit for their chesticles. It eliminates bumps and spillage and best of all, it’s actually comfortable! Your mammaries will thank you.

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