15 Great Scenes In Bad Movies

Southland Tales – Justin Timberlake’s Got Soul

After the success of Donnie Darko, director Richard Kelly created Southland Tales, which literally got booed out of the Cannes Film Festival. And for one main reason — no one understood what the heck was going on, not even some of the actors in the film. However, there were a few gems like Justin Timberlake lip-syncing to the Killers song: “All These Things That I’ve Done” while tripping on some fantasy drug called, “Liquid Karma”.

Aloha – Bill Murray and Emma Stone Dance

Cameron Crowe, known for Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire also directed a film called Aloha, which was probably one of the worst movies of the decade. From its controversial casting to it horrendous writing, this movie is seriously terrible. However, one scene with Bill Murray and Emma Stone dancing to the tune of Hall and Oates’ “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” is actually worth watching.

Doom – First Person Scene

Video game inspired movies are notoriously bad. Doom, the 2005 film starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban is no exception. However, the beginning first person shooter and chainsaw scene combines both great elements of video games and film into one.


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