15 Great Scenes In Bad Movies

Batman v Superman – Metropolis Fight

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a lot of mixed reviews, critics and fans couldn’t decide if it was the best or worst movie ever. However, one of the greatest scenes is when you get on-the-ground view of the Superman and Zod battle from the perspective of Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck. A building of Wayne Enterprise’s has just been destroyed with many people still in it and Bruce runs through the ashes to save any survivors. It has some heart-wrenching moments that really make you understand why Batman wants to punch Superman so badly.

Superman Returns – Plane Scene

In the beginning of the movie, Superman, played by Brandon Routh, heroically saves an entire plane full of people from crashing into ground. The incredible scene gets you excited to see more feats of strength and heroism, because you expect it to be packed with the same action and thrill. Spoiler: it doesn’t live up to this one scene.

X-Men Last Stand – Angel’s Origin Story

The most poignant scene in X-Men Last Stand is when a young Angel desperately tries to cut off his own wings before he’s discovered by his anti-mutant father. It makes you relate to the emotional and physical pain of the character and provides a great origin story. Towards the end of the sequence there is a chance that Angel can be cured of his signature mutant wings. But he rejects it, finally standing up to his father, embracing his mutant-self and fling out the window with his wings spread wide. This might be the best scene across the three original X-men movies.


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