15 Easiest Ways to Get Rich

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve figured out by now that everyday living expenses can really add up. If you think you’re safe because you’ve got your rent or mortgage all paid off, think again. Transit, insurance, and utilities can add up quickly, and that’s not even including money for going out and enjoying being alive.

Wouldn’t it all be easier if you had a ton of money? If you’ve ever had that thought, read this list to check out a few ways you can bring in some extra cash to finance that luxurious lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Win the lottery

This is the first on everyone’s list, and the success stories that you hear plastered all over the morning news make it really appealing. The return on investment is huge — usually you’ll spend $5 tops on a lottery ticket, and with some of the lotteries you can win up to $1.6 billion dollars.

If you take the lump sum prize, you can invest that money safely and live off the interest for the rest of your life. Just beware of distant relatives who come out of the woodwork to offer their “congratulations.”

Ivan Smuk / Shutterstock.com

Ivan Smuk / Shutterstock.com

Dig for gold — literally 

The origin of the phrase ‘digging for gold’ came from the very first panhandlers in ancient Rome, but the practice only started in the United States in the early 1800s. Miners would take pans out areas that were known for being rich in gold, and sift through the mud and dirt until they found something of value.


There are still places in the United States where you can go with a pan of your own — and if you’re lucky, you’ll walk away with a chunk of pure gold.

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com

Dig for gold — figuratively

The other use of the phrase ‘digging for gold’ is also a tried and true way of getting rich.

Plus, if you don’t want to go out and meet an older wealthy person the old-fashioned way, there are websites that cater to you directly. Try seekingarrangements.com, or whatsyourprice.com. Both can help you find someone willing to support you financially in exchange for your company.

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Air Images / Shutterstock.com

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