15 Celebrities Who’ve Had Public Meltdowns

Many people love following the celebrity lifestyle from the sidelines, and luckily for us, it’s easier than ever to check out what your favorite celeb is up to. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts being updated constantly, it’s hard not to be bombarded by the constant stream of Hollywood updates.

However, there is a dark side to Hollywood – many people succumb to the mounting pressure of staying relevant, and choose to take time away from the spotlight. What happens when a celeb doesn’t quite get out of the spotlight before having a personal crisis? Check out the list below for a few of the most memorable celeb meltdowns ever.

1. Britney Spears

Pop star Britney Spears’ meltdown was a long time coming — people started noticing the early warning signs in 2004, when she married a long time friend in a Las Vegas ceremony, only to annul the marriage 55 hours later.

The incidents quietly piled up over the next four years — ranging from driving with her son in her lap to marrying and quickly divorcing a backup dancer. Then, in November 2006, the infamous head shaving incident occurred, and she was placed under her father’s care. Fortunately, Spears has managed to pick herself back up, and has thrived because of her struggles.

Joe Seer / Shutterstock

Joe Seer / Shutterstock

2. Lindsay Lohan

Just like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan is a child star who simply didn’t adapt well to the mounting pressures of adult stardom. Her troubles began in 2006, when she was hospitalized for stress and exhaustion. That same year, she got in trouble on the set of her latest movie Georgia Rule when a producer called her out for her hard-partying ways that were delaying filming. She was later charged for two counts of driving under the influence. She was in and out of prison, and on parole for most of the late 2000s.

Andrew F. Kazmierski / Shutterstock

Andrew F. Kazmierski / Shutterstock

 3. Christian Bale

While filming the movie Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale was caught on tape ranting after the director of photography suddenly interrupted his take. Although Bale insisted that he personally resolved the dispute with the DOP later that same day, the foul-mouthed tape continued to make the rounds for several days afterwards as news outlets gleefully poked fun at the serious actor’s truly ridiculous meltdown.

Rene Teichmann / Shutterstock.com

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