15 Actors Who Regret a Specific Role

Keeping a career going in Hollywood can be tricky sledding, indeed. While an actor or actress might be tempted to take on any role that comes his or her way, one has to be careful. The wrong next step in a career can mean certain doom; once you’re poison to the audience, you’re poison to producers and casting agents, too.

Still, despite all best efforts, some actors and actresses find themselves taking on some truly terrible roles. While they try to put on a brave face through the marketing phase of the film’s release, the truth eventually comes out. Eventually we find out what these actors and actresses really thought about their worst roles.

Below, you’re going to learn about 15 actors and actresses who came to regret one of their roles. In most cases, it’s because the film in question was truly terrible… However, there are a few roles that you might be surprised to find out are on this list…

1. Halle Berry — Catwoman

If there’s one thing the makers of Catwoman and the people who watch it have in common, it’s regret. After its release, Halle Berry was honored with a Razzie for her portrayal of the titular character. She even went to accept the award, telling the crowd: “I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of s**t, god-awful movie!” Kitten’s got claws…