14 Celebrities who’ve had a Sudden Fall from Grace

Just like the rest of us, celebrities make mistakes. Unlike the rest of us, celebs are under constant scrutiny and their gaffes rarely seem to go unnoticed. Fame is fickle and one wrong move can easily turn a rising star into a falling one. Here are 14 celebrities whose mistakes caused their careers to tank virtually overnight.

Lance Armstrong

Cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong was once a household name and one of the most revered athletes in the world. Not only had he won the Tour de France title 7 consecutive times, his cancer foundation Livestrong raised more than $500 million for cancer research making Armstrong a hero in the eyes of many. But in 2012, Armstrong finally admitted that the long swirling rumors were true; he’d been using performing enhancing drugs throughout his whole career. Armstrong’s Tour de France titles were revoked soon after and the cyclist was slapped with a lifetime ban.

Sebastian David Tingkær