13 Weird Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Indiana has a complicated relationship with Daylight Saving Time

Before 2005, only some parts of the state of Indiana (the parts that fell into the Central Time Zone instead of the Eastern Time Zone) had adopted Daylight Saving Time. This made things complicated, because not only are there multiple time zones in the same state, but when it’s Daylight Saving Time, the clocks can be way off from county to county.

Some counties bordering the Central Time Zone had even unofficially adopted DST in order to try and coordinate with their neighbours, but it made things even more complicated. Finally, in 2005, incoming governor Rex Early took a stand in favor of forcing the entire state to adopt DST, and the motion passed that same year.

Aeypix / Shutterstock.com

Aeypix / Shutterstock.com

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