13 ‘Rich’ People Who Are Poorer Than You Think

When you’re a famous person, people automatically assume that you’re rich. However, converting fame (or success in business) into long-term sustainable wealth is much easier said than done. Just ask almost any retired professional athlete, and they’ll tell you!

There are many seemingly wealthy people who are, in fact, much poorer than you might realize. In many cases, it has to do with poor financial management. In others, it might have to do tax evasion.

It just goes to show that appearances, especially those that project the aura of wealth, can be quite deceiving. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 13 seemingly rich people who are in fact much poorer than you might expect…

1. OJ Simpson

If you haven’t been watching American Crime Story on FX, then you’re really missing out. The clownish performance of John Travolta as Robert Shapiro is worth the price of admission alone. Anyway, you might be wondering how OJ, the man who could afford the best legal defense of all time, is doing these days. While sitting in jail at the moment, his net worth is estimated to only sit at around $250,000.

Charles LeBlanc
Charles LeBlanc