13 Most Perfect Examples of Swift Justice (VIDEOS)

It’s true what they say; crime doesn’t pay. And neither does being a jerk! Yet somehow, criminals and jerks still roam the planet, engaging in all kinds of criminality and jerkery!

Sometimes these people get away with their dastardly deeds (for a while, at least), and other times they get caught. During the most special times, though, they get exactly what they deserve right in the moment!

What follows are 13 perfect examples of swift justice. From people being jerks on the roadways, to purse-snatchers and convenience store robbers, you’re about to see 13 amazing times when justice was served with alarming speed.

If you don’t believe in karma now, you might change your tune by the end of this list.

1. Grand Theft Karma

Would-be car thieves have all kinds of inventive techniques at their disposal to lift expensive rides. Sometimes, though, they resort to the most basic of methods. Take this Irish car thief, for instance. He tried to smash in the window of an expensive ride with a brick, but ended up smashing something else entirely when the brick bounced off the window…