13 Famous People Who Believe in Aliens

Believing in aliens and other extraterrestrial life forms isn’t just for nerds and conspiracy theorists anymore. There are tons of celebrities and well-known figures who have professed a belief in extra-terrestrial life forms of some kind. For many, it’s simply a feeling that we aren’t alone in the universe, but some others actually claim to have had personal alien sightings – things like flying saucers, or mysterious silver objects streaking across the sky at dusk.

Here’s a list of some famous people who have spoken out publicly about their belief in the supernatural.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s belief in aliens was backed up by a legion of fans who claim that if The King said it, it must be true. Biographers claim that on the day of Elvis’s birth, a strange blue light was spotted hovering over his family home in Tupelo, Mississippi. Both Elvis’s father and the doctor who delivered him claimed to have seen it. Evidently, his father’s belief convinced him that there were mysterious things in life that were worth a second look.

Throughout his life, Elvis kept seeing things like strange lights in the sky that he strongly believed were aliens. Some fans even believe that there were unidentified flying objects (UFOs) spotted graveside at his funeral.

Mr. Littlehand
Mr. Littlehand