12 Strangest Things Ingested by Kids

Kids aren’t very smart and we’re allowed to say that because we’ve all been one. When not watched carefully, children will put just about anything in their mouth, which can lead to some pretty scary trips to the emergency room.

Here are 12 of the weirdest things that have been swallowed and recovered from children’s stomachs.

12. A Flashing LED Light

While most kids will receive a stern talking-to after swallowing something they shouldn’t, six-year-old Eli Lambert instead got his 15 minutes of fame after a video of him with a blinking LED light in his belly was featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos. The curious little boy had the battery powered light in his mouth to test if it could be seen through his cheek when he accidently swallowed the device.

While concerned, Eli’s parents couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation and took a video of their son proudly displaying his flashing belly. Doctors determined that neither the light nor the battery posed a threat and the boy passed the light naturally a few days later.

The video of the mishap not only earned him a spot on AFV, but also a free family trip to California for a live taping of the show. Still, don’t try this at home, kids!


11. High-Powered Magnets

Eight-year-old Hayley Lents of Indiana had to be rushed into emergency life saving surgery in 2008 after she mistook a set of toy magnets and steel balls as candy. The girl ingested 10 magnets and 20 steel balls from a Magnetix set without her parents’ knowledge and was in extreme pain just two days later. The powerful magnets had torn eight holes in the girl’s intestine and doctors said she was fortunate to have survived.

The toy company Mega Brands, who manufactured the product, pointed out that swallowing 30 pieces of any toy will likely cause harm, but did later redesign the product to make it impossible for children to swallow any pieces. Prior to this incident Mega Brands had already issued two recalls on other magnetic toy sets due to the risk of ingestion and had spent $13.5 million settling related lawsuits.

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10. An Expanding Ball

Kids love those toys that expand in water right before their eyes, but it’s only fun and games until somebody eats one and it blocks their intestines. In 2012 an eight-month-old girl in Texas ate a small marble sized polymer ball known as a Water Balz that can grow up to 400 times its size in water. The ball expanded in the girl’s stomach and blocked her digestive system, causing her to have severe constipation, vomiting, and a distended belly. Luckily doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital were able to safely remove the ball without any complications.

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