12 of the Most Controversial Episodes in TV History

6. Tiny Toon Adventures – “One Beer”

Yet another children’s show hits this television controversy list, and one look at the title of the episode and it’s no wonder why. Three of the animated characters in Tiny Toon Adventures get drunk on a single bottle of beer and decide to steal a police car.

Underage drinking is something that should never be promoted, although the entire goal of the show was to teach children about the dangers of alcohol. The episode did air, but only once. Warner Brothers axed any repeats, but fans can find “One Beer” on the DVD release.

5. Married… with Children – “I’ll See You in Court”

Anyone else miss Married… with Children? While the show had a cult-like following, it often created a lot of issues for Fox when it came to censors.

In this 1989 episode, Al and Peg Bundy head to a motel for a private romp (away from the kids) and stumble upon a porn video that stars their neighbors, Steve and Marcy. The Rhoades relay that they were taped at the motel without permission, which leads The Bundys to believe that they may have been taped as well.


Due to 30 minutes filled with highly-inappropriate smut, “I’ll See You in Court” was not aired that time. However, it can be seen on syndication now and again.

4. Ellen – “The Puppy Episode”

Ellen’s “The Puppy Episode,” which aired in 1997, became a huge milestone for the LGBT community and created solid and positive conversations across the United States. Sadly, it also created some controversy amongst conservative and religious groups.

Months leading up the show, rumors swirled around the Ellen Morgan character coming out of the closet and that she did! The episode aired and was an endearing story about Morgan’s struggle with her feelings, and how some friends were accepting of her coming out, while others resisted. Unfortunately, leading sponsors like Wendys, Chrysler, and J.C. Penney withdrew ads for “The Puppy Episode,” but despite all the controversy, this Ellen episode hit high in the Nielsen ratings.

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