12 of the Most Controversial Episodes in TV History

In this day and age, mostly everything that airs on television offends someone out there who is watching. Still, throughout history, there have been TV episodes that have pushed the boundaries for network and audience alike; causing a wave of scandal, outrage, and backlash from activist groups and other organizations.

What makes the below 12 episodes in TV history so controversial? Read on and see for yourself.

12. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – “Conflict”

How did one of the kindest men in television history hit this list? Well, in 1983, Mr. Rogers decided to dive into the world of nuclear war, presenting a week-long storyline regarding the Land of Make Believe and nuclear war. The puppet leader of the fake area, King Friday, began stockpiling weapons and pondering about the subject of war.

Insanely enough, the story was created to help children process a television primetime movie that had recently aired called The Day After. While the good intentions were there, the reception was not good as many parents viewed “Conflict” as far too dark for children. Despite the backlash, PBS took their time removing the episode series from the regular Mr. Rogers syndication rotation, axing it in 1996.