12 Most Miscast Actors in Movie History

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

Fans of Lee Child’s popular Jack Reacher book series were up in arms after casting was announced for the lead role in the film adaptation back in 2012.

Reacher, who in the books is described as a “massive force … six foot five, 220-250 lbs. with a 50-inch chest” was going to be played by actor Tom Cruise, who is most certainly none of those things. At just 5’8, Cruise was deemed not tall enough, menacing enough, or young enough to play the action hero and many fans announced their disinterest in seeing the project all together.

Lee Childs was quoted as saying he would “rather have the internal character on the screen rather than a physical facsimile“ and that he believed Cruise to be an excellent choice for the role.

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Colin Farrell in Alexander

We’re not sure what was worse about Colin Farrell’s turn in the 2004 flop Alexander: his Irish accent or his awful blonde dye job.

Directed by the usually more discerning Oliver Stone, Alexander told the story of the Greek hero Alexander the Great starring Farrell as the eponymous hero. Weirdly enough, Farrell inexplicably uses his natural Irish accent in the role. To make matters worse, his fellow actors Jared Leto and Val Kilmer also took on Irish accents to match his and the result is a bit of a mess.


Apparently, Stone also considered Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger for the role, which might have made this film slightly more watchable.

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Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger

Yet another ethnically based casting misstep that’s a little too recent was Johnny Depp’s being casted as the American Indian sidekick Tonto in 2013’s The Lone Ranger.

Depp was quoted way back in 2011 as saying that he wished to play Tonto in order to “reinvent” the character and his relationship to the Lone Ranger. However, Depp’s spooky makeup and broken, grunting English felt all too familiar to Native American activists who dismissed the portrayal as typical Hollywood “redface.”

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