12 Celebrity Deaths We Still Aren’t Over

Michael Jackson

Age at death: 50 years old

How he died: Drug overdose

It didn’t take Michael Jackson long to become the “King of Pop” as his rise through the world of music was a rapid one. The creation of the Jackson 5 was the start to it all, but the icon earned his biggest successes when he became a solo star, recording such No. 1 hits as “Beat It,” “Thriller,” and “Bad.”

Despite constant connections to child molestation and drug use, Jackson’s faithful always stood by his side and continue to do so even after his death in 2009 due to drug overdose.

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Robin Williams

Age at death: 63 years old


How he died: Asphyxia due to hanging

For those that watched in awe as Robin Williams made each and every character he played come to life on the big screen, there was a piece of Williams at home that no one saw. The actor took his own life in 2014 when he hung himself in his home, bringing mental illness to the forefront.

Williams won an Academy Award for his efforts in Good Will Hunting in 2014 after getting his initial start as a stand-up comedian. He was also up for three other Academy Awards for roles in Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and The Fisher King.

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Kurt Cobain

Age at death: 27 years old

How he died: Suicide

One of the first big celebrity deaths that made headlines in the 1990s was that of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain. The musician took his own life in 1994, leaving behind a daughter with wife Courtney Love.

Cobain’s influence on the world of music continues to this day, as the success of Nevermind and the single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” continue to be played to this very day.

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