12 Celebrity Deaths We Still Aren’t Over

When someone passes away, their family mourns and celebrates their life. When the same happens to someone famous, an entire world can be stopped in its tracks.

With the added exposure of social media nowadays, it is even easier to develop close and personal feelings with someone you are likely to never even meet in person. Celebrities offer up insight into their lives and day-to-day activities through Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other outlets.

If that famous person – whether it be through movies, singing, sports, or a number of other areas – dies suddenly and unexpectedly, you can bet the shock of it all can overtake just about anybody.

Amy Winehouse

Age at death: 27 years old

How she died: Alcohol poisoning

Amy Winehouse didn’t ignore her past drug and alcohol abuse, but eventually, it caused her to be taken away from us too soon. Winehouse, who broke into the music world at just 16 years old with the Grammy-winning hit album Back to Black, died of alcohol poisoning at just 27 years old.

With deep and expressive vocals, Winehouse could fit into any genre of music. She also paired up with the legendary Tony Bennett for several songs.

Dutourdumonde Photography / Shutterstock