12 Celebrities With Surprising Hidden Talents

At this point, we’ve come to expect certain characteristics from our movie stars. They need to have megawatt smiles, flawless bodies, and know exactly what to say in interviews or on the red carpet. These characteristics seem great, but after the second or third time watching the live coverage for the Oscars or the Golden Globes and hearing people say the exact same thing over and over again, it’s getting a bit predictable.

Enter the new type of celebrity: Those who don’t always say what the interviewer wants them to say (like Jennifer Lawrence), and those who have skills other than looking pretty on camera. Here are a few celebs who have hidden talents you may not have known about:

Ken Jeong

Many people know Ken Jeong from his first big role as a doctor in Knocked Up. However, most people don’t know that he’s actually a real doctor who practiced medicine for years while performing comedy and improv at night.

He met his wife while he was doing his residency, working up to 100 hours a week. After they married, he landed a part as a mobster in a buddy cop comedy, and she encouraged him to take the part. Now, his life has come full circle: ABC just picked up the pilot of an autobiographical sitcom about Jeong’s pre-Hollywood life as a doctor.

Chris Colfer

The talented Chris Colfer, who shot to stardom when he was cast in the first season of Glee, isn’t just a pretty face. He has an incredible countertenor voice, which means he’s able to sing notes equivalent to a female contralto. On the show, he also dances, and has proved himself able to navigate complex storylines as an actor.


On top of all this, did you know he’s also an author? He published his first book, The Wishing Spell, in 2011. In addition to publishing five books for preteens, he also loves showing off his skills with his sai swords — an Okinawan martial art that he regularly practices in his Glee trailer.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen has almost entirely fallen off the map since his starring role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Most fans agree that his portrayal of Aragorn, a ranger who grows into his role as the King of Gondor, was one of the best in the series.

After that movie, he’s remained active in Hollywood, but has chosen to focus more of his energy on his other pursuits. In addition to being an actor, Mortensen is also the founder of Perceval Press, a small publishing house that focuses on the work of lesser-known authors. He’s an excellent poet himself, and also enjoys painting.

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