12 Books to Anticipate in 2019

10. The Moment of Lift – Melinda Gates

For a long time, Melinda Gates has existed in her husband’s shadow, even though she’s currently listed as Forbes’ third most powerful woman in the entire world. Her debut novel The Moment of Lift speaks to her greatest passions — female empowerment and global health. In the book, Gates speaks about the history of these movements and identifies areas where we can all have an impact. Along the way, she shares her own experience as an advocate, and the reasons why she believes that “gender equity is the lever that lifts everything.”

The Moment of Lift comes out April 23.


11. City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert

Another popular author whose newest book comes out in April of this year is Elizabeth Gilbert, the award-winning author who penned the international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. Her newest book, City of Girls, follows a young seamstress working in vaudeville houses in 1940s New York City. Since the war is currently in full swing, many of the men are gone from the city, so Gilbert explores the development of female sexuality during this unique time period.

The book is a lush period novel that soars thanks to Gilbert’s excellent storytelling and focused attention to detail. If this novel is a success, look for this to become a movie soon.

12. Orange World and Other Stories – Karen Russell

Written by Pulitzer finalist Karen Russell, Orange World and Other Stories is a collection of short stories whose common theme is magical transformation. In this collection, Russell crafts a number of tales about humans forced to make difficult choices when confronted with the unknown. The author is known for her vivid, surrealist fiction which manages to be simultaneously hilarious and tragic, while always being deeply relatable.

Although Russell is only 37, this is her fifth book. In fact, her first, Swamplandia!, was published when she was only 30 years old.


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