12 Books to Anticipate in 2019

4. The Age of Light – Whitney Scharer

If you’re a fan of immersive novels that feel a bit like time traveling, you’ll love The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer. It’s set in 1920s Paris (possibly the most glamorous location in the most glamorous decade on Earth) and follows aspiring artist Lee Miller, who eventually becomes the professional, then personal muse and inspiration for legendary Surrealist photographer and artist Man Ray. Scharer details the couple’s life together as they both try and pursue their art through the bohemian age and into the war years.

Look for this book on shelves on February 7.


5. The Source of Self-Regard – Toni Morrison

One of the greatest living writers that just keeps blessing us with her work is Toni Morrison. This legendary author is currently 87 years old, and just recently collected many of her best essays, meditations, and speeches to make The Source of Self-Regard, which will be available mid-February.

In this collection, Morrison contemplates our society’s most timely issues like the freedom of the press and the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as enduring social issues like poverty, female empowerment, and human rights. Seldom does a writer have such humility that they can comment on their own work, but in The Source of Self-Regard, Morrison provides insight into novels like Beloved, Jazz and The Bluest Eye. It’s a truly wonderful offering from a writer at the pinnacle of her career.


6. Era of Ignition – Amber Tamblyn

Actor and women’s rights advocate Amber Tamblyn’s first novel, which comes out in March, is called Era of Ignition. The book is part memoir, part call to action. Tamblyn uses the lens of her own experience to comment on the #metoo movement, as well as the current cultural space that we’re all desperately trying to navigate. The title comes from a phrase that Tamblyn uses to describe the period of self-reflection that follows great personal upheaval.

If you’re interested in a commentary on the #metoo movement from one of its most outspoken advocates, this is a fantastic choice for your next read.

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