12 Best Celebrity Dads

It’s tough being a celebrity, but tougher being a parent.

As a celebrity, one only has to worry about one’s self—making sure that all those images being displayed on the tabloids are positive and not of the mug shot variety. But as a parent, the level of responsibility goes up a notch or seven, as one is responsible for that other life and/or lives, and how they develop. Ultimately the parent is responsible for ensuring that pics of the kids in the tabloids are not of the mug shot variety…at least until they’ve grown up and are no longer under the shadow of the parent’s fame.

And with that in mind, we now give you the best celebrity dads:

David Beckham

The numerous tattoos in tribute to his four children certainly suggest that Beckham is a dedicated and loving father. Dad also seems to spend a lot of time with the kids, as the entire family is constantly in the media spotlight, jet-setting together from one fun event to the next. We do wonder, though, whether Beckham and Posh might pull the children out of school a bit too often.

Allan Bregg / Shutterstock.com
Allan Bregg / Shutterstock.com