12 Beloved TV Characters that are Actually Horrible People

9. Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta

Proud, vain, and a bit obsessed with Goku, Vegeta did a lot of horrible things on Dragon Ball Z.

First and foremost, he destroyed a planet and every living thing on it. Secondly, his competition with Goku seemed a little unhealthy at best. Still, he was well received by the show’s fan base and was able to work with the heroes for the greater good of the universe in the long run.

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8. Breaking Bad’s Walter White

High school teacher turned meth dealer? Well, you have to earn a living somehow, right?

Even though he sat and watched Jane overdose, had a hand in Hank’s death, and convinced Jesse that killing Gale was the thing to do, Breaking Bad fans did have a soft spot in their heart for Walter White. Yup, he was a power-hungry low-life, but all those years of teaching chemistry to teens may have driven him to it.

7. Once Upon a Time’s Rumpelstiltskin

The lines of good and evil are continually blurred on the highly-popular Once Upon a Time (OUAT).


Dear old Rumpelstiltskin is a fine example of a menacing character that had a very good reason as to why he wanted to destroy other people’s lives. So, he had daddy issues. Does that give him any reason to continually turn to dark magic? Perhaps it does, which is why he is so beloved by OUAT fans.

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