12 Beloved TV Characters that are Actually Horrible People

There’s nothing like settling into your coach after a long day at work to enjoy some television time. We all have our favorite TV shows that help us escape reality, and everyone has a character they often fully relate to.

But what about those slim balls or villains that battle the heroes and heroines we adore so much? They can be self-involved, annoying, and down-right nasty at times, but for some reason they are still loveable, despite their flaws.

12. Will & Grace’s Karen Walker

Anyone else ecstatic to see that Will & Grace is back on the air? All four of the main cast are beloved thanks to their crazy antics.

While adored by many, Karen Walker is a horrible person. She’s a spoiled, narcissistic, gold-digger, and has a little problem when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Still, perhaps it’s her honesty and in-your-face personality that has audiences swooning, even after all these years.

Image via PopSugar