12 Beloved TV Characters that are Actually Horrible People

There’s nothing like settling into your coach after a long day at work to enjoy some television time. We all have our favorite TV shows that help us escape reality, and everyone has a character they often fully relate to.

But what about those slim balls or villains that battle the heroes and heroines we adore so much? They can be self-involved, annoying, and down-right nasty at times, but for some reason they are still loveable, despite their flaws.

12. Will & Grace’s Karen Walker

Anyone else ecstatic to see that Will & Grace is back on the air? All four of the main cast are beloved thanks to their crazy antics.

While adored by many, Karen Walker is a horrible person. She’s a spoiled, narcissistic, gold-digger, and has a little problem when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Still, perhaps it’s her honesty and in-your-face personality that has audiences swooning, even after all these years.

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11. How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson

Womanizer Barney Stinson created hilarious, yet sometimes offensive, situations on How I Met Your Mother when it came to pursuing females.


His goal in life was simply to take advantage of as many ladies as he could, and he never seemed to feel bad about ditching them in the end. Still, one can’t ignore how he redeemed himself at the end of the series.

Despite his constant one-night stands he was still loved by many fans.

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10. The Walking Dead’s Negan

He walks with a barb-wired bat and bashes in the heads of anyone who tries to go against him. Yet, many of Walking Dead (TWD) fans are in awe of this post-apocalyptic villain with zero conscience.

Is it his easy-peasy lemon squeezy one-liners or the fact that he has a smile that could sell ice to Eskimos? Regardless, Negan is a horrible man with a cult-like following when it comes to TWD fans.

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