11 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of


Kabaddi is a sport that originated in India, and is played with two opposing teams of seven players. Each team takes turns sending a raider into the opposing side to tag one member of the opposite team and return to their own side. The only catch is that the raider isn’t allowed to inhale until he reaches his own side again, and must chant “kabaddi, kabaddi” to show the referee that he’s exhaling. The opposing team can run away from the raider, or wrestle him to the ground to prevent him from returning to his own side.

There are many different variations played all over the world, and many different competitions hosted every year.


A magical combination of beach volleyball, capoeira, and trampolining, bossaball is a new sport that’s quickly catching on all over the world. Players play on two opposing teams, on a giant inflatable court complete with two small trampolines. To score points, players must spike the ball into the opposing team’s court, but points vary depending on whether or not the ball was hit with a soccer touch (feet, legs, head) or a volleyball touch (hands or arms). Creativity and originality in form and movement is actively encouraged!

Playing bossaball requires the regulation inflatable court, but as the movement spreads across the globe, look for this sport to become rapidly more popular.

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