11 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

Bubble Soccer

You can probably guess how ridiculous this game is based on the fact that it first premiered on the NBC show Shark Tank. The basic premise is that it’s normal soccer, but with the addition of giant plastic “bubbles” that fit over player’s bodies from head to knee. These bubbles turn a normal game of soccer from mundane to insane. Tackling fellow players isn’t a part of the rules, but it’s so hard to resist when both of you are encased in giant plastic bubbles.

Most larger cities in the States have their own Bubble Soccer league, or you can rent equipment for a pickup game with your friends.

Wife Carrying

This fun and competitive sport has its origins in the practices of 17th century Finnish robbers, who would sneak into local villages and kidnap the wives of farmers. They came to be known for carrying the women on their backs out of the villages, which spawned the idea for the competition.

In a modern wife carrying competition, the basic premise is that men carry women (not necessarily their own wives) who weigh at least 108 pounds on their backs across an obstacle course that includes both wet and dry sections. There are competitions all around the world, but the Finnish competition definitely seems the most fun — the winning team is awarded the weight of the “wife” in beer.

Cheese Rolling

Every Spring Bank holiday in Gloucester, England, the world-famous Cheese Rolling is held on Cooper’s Hill. It’s been a tradition since time immemorial — many people have theories on the origin, some going as far back as before England was Christianised. Some say the event is based on an ancient fertility rite, while others maintain that the origin was based on a political statement regarding grazing rights.


However it was started, the rules are simple now. A 7- to 9- pound wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill, and one second later, people set off in pursuit. Participants are only allowed to roll down the hill, and the first person to the bottom gets to keep the cheese.

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