11 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

There are a few sports that make up 99% of what we watch every day — like football, basketball, and baseball — but have you ever thought about the 1% of sports that will never be seen live on TV? Some are regional games that just aren’t that popular outside of that area, but others are just plain ridiculous. Have a look at some of the weirdest sports that you’ve never heard of.


Hurling is the fastest field sport you’ve never heard of. It was invented in Ireland over 3,000 years ago, and has been played in some form ever since.

A field-based combination of soccer, basketball, and football, players must use a stick (hurley) to get a ball (sliotar) in between the opposing team’s goal posts. More points are given if the ball goes under a goalie-guarded crossbar. Although hurling is traditionally played only by men, there is an equivalent sport for women called camogie.

Camel Wrestling

Every January, a championship of Camel Wrestling is held in Selcuk, Turkey. One female camel is led before two male camels, who then wrestle with one another for dominance. A camel can lose by falling, screaming, or retreating, or the camel’s owner can forfeit the match if he thinks that his camel is in danger of injury.

The actual spectacle of the camel wrestling festival is mostly in the procession and announcements that proceed the match — the wrestling itself is often brutish and short. Also, spectators should be aware that camels often fling their urine or saliva when irritated, so bring a waterproof coat!

Yozer1 / Own Work

Yozer1 / Own Work


Ok, so maybe you’ve heard of Quidditch before. It’s the magical sport played throughout the Harry Potter series, where wizards and witches on flying broomsticks zoom around trying to score on a net, and at the same time catch a winged golden ball for a bonus 150 points. However, did you know that some mega fans have started playing Quidditch in real life?

It started out being played for laughs on college campuses around the States, and over the last ten years has grown into an intramural sport complete with an international governing body. Players still use brooms, but since humans unfortunately can’t fly, they’re forced play the game on the ground.

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