11 Rich People With PhDs

Although it seems like nowadays the typical look for a billionaire is the laid back, Mark Zuckerberg-style CEO, many of these people are surprisingly well-educated. Not everyone has had success as early on as Zuckerberg, and many millionaires had time to progress through many different levels of higher education before going on to earn enough money to pay for degrees for the next hundred generations of their family.

Many millionaires, especially in the booming tech and pharmaceutical industries, are incredibly well educated and set a clear example to young students of the benefits of continuing education. Although Masters and PhD programs can be prohibitively expensive, many schools offer scholarships and stipends in exchange for working as a teaching assistant. Learn from the examples of the well-educated millionaires and even billionaires in this article, and consider going back to school!

James H. Simons

James Harris Simons may be the richest man you’ve never heard of. That’s probably because his early career took him to the National Security Agency (NSA) as a code breaker, a top-secret job where he would have been known to only a few people. At the age of 37, he took home the top honors in a worldwide math prize. After these early successes, he formed his own hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies, where he went on to make billions of dollars within a few years. Within 15 years, he had so much money that he set up his own foundation to support all of his different charitable activities. Oh, and in addition to all of these accomplishments, he finished off his doctorate before he’d even reached the age of 24.

Gert-Martin Greuel
Gert-Martin Greuel