21 Celebrity Marriages So Short You May Not Even Know About Them

In Hollywood, any couple who can make their marriage last more than three years deserves a medal. There aren’t many celebrity couples who can make it to five years, much less eight, which is the national average. Although we know that Hollywood stars generally divorce quickly, nothing can compare to the marriages on the list below, which lasted such a short time we barely remember that they even happened.

1. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Maybe she fell in love with him because their names are similar? Or maybe she was just attracted to his wealth and prestige before she realized that she could use her B-list celebrity status and curvaceous figure to snag an even bigger celebrity. Either way you slice it, the Kim/Kris marriage, that lasted 72 days, will go down in history as a match made entirely in gold-digging heaven.

admedia / Shutterstock.com
admedia / Shutterstock.com