22 Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Spouses

Hollywood celebrity life is full of circumstances and situations that make it easy to do things that you regret, like cheating on your spouse. Staying away from temptation requires the patience of a saint, and more and more celebrities these days are going behind the backs of their spouses to have fun. Here are a few celebs that caused major scandals by cheating on their spouses.

Tiger Woods

Everyone heard about Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal, which began with an accident that happened outside of his house, and ended with him receiving a notice of divorce from his wife Elin Nordegren. After his mysterious accident, which landed him in the hospital with facial lacerations, the media started reporting that it may not have just been a regular run-of-the-mill accident. In fact, the crash was caused because Tiger tried to drive off to escape his wife running after him with a golf club after finding out about his numerous infidelities.

Tony Bowler / Shutterstock.com
Tony Bowler / Shutterstock.com