11 Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Good People

It’s always refreshing to hear stories about celebrities who use their wealth and prestige to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. Organizations like the Make A Wish Foundation exist to arrange interactions between the children they serve and the celebrities the kids want to meet, and many celebrities have done good work through those organizations.

However, some celebs go above and beyond, and focus on doing good deeds throughout their daily life. Here are a few cool stories about stars who prove that helping others never goes out of style.

Harrison Ford

This story about Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford proves you’re never too old to sweep in to someone’s rescue. Even though he’s currently in his seventies, Ford has piloted search and rescue missions near his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming twice in one year.

First, he rescued a 13-year-old Boy Scout who got lost in Yellowstone National Park, then later that year came to the aid of two hikers who were suffering from altitude sickness and dehydration. Because he flew his own helicopter as part of these volunteer search and rescue missions and didn’t accept any payment in return, it’s estimated he saved the local fire department thousands of dollars.

John Cena

In 2015, WWE star John Cena set a record for most Make A Wish requests granted, taking part in his 500th wish in August. Cena’s wrestling motto is “Never Give Up,” and he’s really turned that phrase into an inspiring life lesson for the many children who look up to him. He’s been quoted saying that he would never turn down the opportunity to grant a wish, since it’s so easy for him to give kids who are suffering from life-threatening conditions a day where they can forget about their illness.


The fact that he’s granted over 500 wishes is remarkable, especially considering that this is only his 11th year with the organization. Both Cena and the WWE have an outstanding commitment to the Make A Wish Foundation, and regularly support it both financially as well as with tickets, merchandise, and celebrity events.

Staff Sgt. James Selesnick / Public Domain

Staff Sgt. James Selesnick / Public Domain

Blake Shelton

In late 2015, Blake Shelton made headlines for something pretty unexpected. It wasn’t his highly publicized divorce from fellow country singer Miranda Lambert, or his new relationship with The Voice judge Gwen Stefani. In November, Shelton made headlines when he came to the rescue of four young men who were stuck in a mudslide near his home in Oklahoma. After failing to unstick their vehicle with his truck, he brought one of the men back to his house with him to get his tractor.

This wasn’t the first time that Shelton rescued a stuck traveller — he spent his 39th birthday towing a man named Roho Hartman out of a flood during Tropical Storm Bill.

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