11 Best Fictional Mothers of All Time

Leigh Anne Tuohy from The Blind Side

The real life Leigh Anne Tuohy is the inspiration for a character of the same name, played by Sandra Bullock in the 2009 film The Blind Side. Leigh Anne is the adoptive mother of Michael Oher, and the film follows their relationship as she meets, then choses to adopt the homeless and practically orphaned teenager. Her strength and love guide him in his path towards being a professional football player, and the movie ends with footage of the real Michael Oher being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens as a first round draft pick. He credited his success to the Tuohy’s, and especially Leigh Anne, who believed in him as naturally as if she had raised him his whole life.

Sarah Connor in The Terminator series

Sarah Connor is the ultimate badass mom, who singlehandedly saves the entire human race from a brutal killing machine. Her story starts in the original Terminator movie when she realizes that she’s the target for a AI named the Terminator, and goes on the run to save herself. A messenger from the future brings her the news that if she doesn’t succeed at quashing the Terminator, then she risks the life of her future son, who will grow up to be the savior of humanity. With the help of her son’s father, she succeeds in destroying the Terminator.

Sarah Connor is proof that you don’t have to be big or muscular to be a truly kick ass action hero. She’s definitely one of the most interesting mother characters in fiction, who lets motherhood motivate her rather than define her.


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