10 ‘Smart’ Rich People Who Really Aren’t

It sucks to find out that someone you thought was both attractive and smart only checks one of those boxes. Some celebrities manage to cultivate a great career, as well as keep themselves abreast of politics and the latest intellectual discoveries. Other celebs are content to rest on the security of their good looks, and fill their minds with garbage all day. Here are a few celebrities and people in the 1% who you thought were smart, but actually aren’t.

1. Robert Pattinson

A lot of people assumed the brooding that Robert Pattinson did onscreen in the Twilight franchise was also part of his own personality. Because of this, many people had fantasies about Pattinson actually being smarter than he is, but unfortunately, he lacks both intelligence and compassion. In an interview done immediately after the last film premiered, he had the audacity to wonder what Twilight fans did all day. Maybe he was trying to distance himself from the franchise, but it was a pretty dumb move, considering that it was those people, buying movie tickets and DVDs, that paid his bills.

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com
Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com