10 Of the Most Unsettling Declassified Events

Governments around the world would never try and hide anything from its citizens, after all, their job is to regulate and protect the Average Joe … correct? That may be so, but it is hard to ignore the many unsettling declassified events that have surfaced over the years and the reasoning behind these acts is shaky at best.

Scandal and controversy always seem to follow some government officials and conspiracy theories are certainly nothing new when it comes to the land of the Internet. Still, the public’s distrust can all be thanks to the fact that history has proven that we simply can’t trust those in power, at times.

As such, below are 10 of the most unsettling declassified events in recent history.

10. War Plan Red

Who would ever want to go to war with one of the friendliest (and politest) nations on the earth today? The United States, that’s who! The plan was called War Plan Red, and it was developed in the early 20th century as a way to prepare the U.S., should they go to war with the UK.

The concept around the plan was to invade Canada with the idea that the United Kingdom would instantly surrender. Makes sense and the Canadians have probably long forgiven their southern neighbors for even coming up with such a concept in the first place.


9. JFK’s Brain Lost

There has been a tremendous amount of conspiracy theories over the assassination of United States’ 35th President, John F. Kennedy. His death in November 1963 shook a generation and people still talk about where they were when they heard the news that JFK had been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

While everything around his death was quite suspicious, the fact that his brain was misplaced before an autopsy could be conducted seems crazy. What’s even stranger is that it was removed from the head and simply lost after the fact. Which leaves one to question, was this part of the conspiracy around his death or just an error in judgement on those handling the investigation? You decide!

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8. Gay Bomb

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Still, it apparently was a thing.

In the 90s, the American government conducted research on developing a gay bomb. The idea was it would compel those fighting within a war to engage in homosexual sex. Not only would it help in combat, but it was also thought that the bomb would damage the morale of the enemy.

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