10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Product Endorsements

Once you get a taste of the high life, it’s hard to even think about going back. Fame is fickle and money doesn’t last, which is why some celebrities are forced to turn to endorsement deals to keep the cash coming in. Here are 14 of the most embarrassing celebrity product endorsements for your cringing pleasure.

Lisa Rinna – Depends

Incontinence is a common problem for older women, a fact of life and nothing to be ashamed of… however, that doesn’t mean that we would want our face being used to sell adult diapers. In 2010, Days of Our Lives and Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Lisa Rinna partnered with Depends to sell their ‘Silhouette for Women’ briefs in a cringeworthy commercial spot that featured Rinna and her famous husband Harry Hamlin extolling the virtues of the disposable underwear.

We have to give Rinna credit though; not only did she earn a whopping $2 million for the spot, but it also did it to promote Dress for Success, an organization which provides career clothes to underprivileged women, to which Rinna also donated a portion of her earnings. She may have given up her dignity, but at least she did it for a good cause!