10 Most Cringeworthy Interviews Ever

Once upon a time, when an awkward or strange interview happened live on air, a reporter could sleep soundly knowing that the worst that could happen would be it replaying on the 11 o’clock news. Now, when something cringeworthy happens on TV, it’s immediately broadcast on the internet for the enjoyment of viewers all around the world. And the worse the interview was, the more people want to watch it.

Here are a few of the most painfully awkward interviews ever recorded.

Johnny Rotten on Australian TV

In this awkward yet hilarious video, Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten hurls abuse at a female anchor following a slight misunderstanding when she was talking over him, thinking that he had stopped. Johnny Rotten, whose real name was John Lyndon, immediately jumps to the defensive, criticizing her for speaking over him and urging her “not to interrupt when a man is talking.”

To her credit, the anchor appeared unphased, and gamely continues the interview while her co-anchors can be heard giggling in the background.


Men Sexually Harass Anchor Live at Soccer Game  

This video isn’t so much about the interview going on, but more about what happens during it.

A female news anchor is live on the ground after a soccer match, interviewing fans when several drunk men in the background begin yelling sexist, aggressive comments at her, interrupting the broadcast. Instead of just ignoring them, she stops the interview in progress and turns around to call them out for their disgusting, sexist behavior. The men are unrepentant. Only a few days after the video aired, the man who had been yelling comments at her was publicly fired from his job.

The BeeGees Storm Offstage Mid-Interview

An interview between the BeeGees and TV show host Clive Anderson had been going remarkably well when an offhand comment immediately changed the mood. After the trio told Anderson that they’d originally been called Les Tosseurs, he quipped, “you’ll always be tossers to me.”

The Aussies were unimpressed at his British slang insult, and sat through a few more minutes looking grim before they collectively decided to walk out. The look on Anderson’s face when he realized they weren’t bluffing is priceless.

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