10 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Career Moves

There are tons of celebrities who have made the majority of their money using one talent, only to turn around and reveal that they’re actually capable of much more. Those celebrities are not the ones featured on this list.

Read on for the biggest career move fails ever:

Katherine Heigl Insults Everyone She Works With

Maybe you remember Katherine Heigl — she started out on Grey’s Anatomy as one of the leads, a stint which lasted five years and earned her an Emmy Award. After that, she snagged the lead role in quite a few rom-coms, all which came out around the late 2000s — her roles in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses were particularly memorable. After that, her resume visibly shifts from A-list movies to smaller indie films.

While one could see this as a choice that she made to pursue more cinematically interesting films, most insiders in Hollywood know the real reason. Apparently Heigl is a nightmare to work with, and has even given interviews publicly trashing her directors. Not a great career move.



Mike Myers Makes the Love Guru

Mike Myers has always been a goofy actor, but until his film The Love Guru came out in 2008, he had always managed to temper his wildly comedic acting with a solid plot and good screenwriting. Not so with this film. The plot barely made sense, and although it seems like he was trying to create a character that could rival Austin Powers, he fell short by only relying on obnoxiously vulgar jokes.

Although The Love Guru swept the 2008 Razzie Awards, mostly people have just tried to forget its existence, and nobody has tried harder than Myers. Since then, he’s laid low and focused on voice work rather than appearing onscreen.


Brett Ratner Does Interviews

Although director Brett Ratner has been responsible for several good films — including the Rush Hour series and Red Dragon – his talent has not been able to save him from the messes that he’s put himself in recently.

His worst career moves so far have been doing interviews. Even if he is a decent guy in real life, his cocky attitude and vulgar jokes in interviews have only succeeded in turning people against him. He publicly bragged about having sex with Olivia Munn, only to go on Howard Stern a few days later and recant his entirely made up story. He also made disgusting remarks about gay people while protesting his removal as Producer of the 84th Academy Awards.


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