10 Luxurious Things Rich People Have in Their Homes

If there’s one thing the rich and famous love to spend money on, it’s their homes. Whether it be their first home, second villa, or favorite vacation spot, everyone’s favorite billionaires have no qualms when it comes to spending the equivalent of your annual salary on a rug. The extravagant things we’ve found in the homes of the filthy rich and famous may surprise you.

Custom Closets

For billionaires in the fashion and beauty industry, a custom closet is a must have. Usually bigger than the house they grew up in, these vanity rooms are fit with everything from a shelf for every shoe, to imported marble staircases leading up to the second floor, to rotating accessory shelves. Celebrities like the Jenners, the Kardashians, and other entertainment artists spend more time in this room than anywhere else, getting ready for another day being famous for absolutely no reason.

fabiodevilla / Shutterstock.com
fabiodevilla / Shutterstock.com