10 Laws That Don’t Apply to the Insanely Rich

Do you ever feel like sometimes rich people get away with things that normal people just have to deal with? In America, the ultra-wealthy elite are used to such privilege — they have vast amounts of money that they can use to influence people and even the laws themselves. Here are a few laws that just don’t seem to apply to the ultra-rich.

Driving Under the Influence

Everyone heard about the case of Ethan Crouch, a wildly rich teenager who got off with a slap on the wrist after killing four other people while driving under the influence. His lawyer used the defense of “affluenza” — that is, that Crouch was so wealthy that he wasn’t fully able to comprehend the consequences of his actions. He got off with an incredibly light punishment — only ten years probation when the average person would have gone to prison for decades.

Crouch’s case proves that anybody who can hire a lawyer that has the audacity to argue that wealth was the biggest mitigating factor in their case has more money than the average person will ever see in their entire lifetime.