10 Celebs Who Used to Have Drug Problems

You’re almost not a star in Hollywood until you’ve had a public struggle with addiction. Some celebrities have very publicly overdosed, which always sparks an outcry against drug use in Hollywood, but it never lasts too long.

Hopefully soon stars will come to be known more for their work, and less for their off-screen bad behavior. Here are a few stars that chose a clean and sober life after years of struggling with addiction.


Rapper Eminem spent most of 2007 overweight and unhappy because of a prolonged addiction to Vicodin and Valium. The coating on the pills gradually ate away at his stomach lining, and because he took so many, he was in constant pain. The only thing that would dull the ache in his gut was eating constantly.

After realizing that he could no longer focus on making music, he decided to kick his drug habit once and for all. He took up running, and did it so enthusiastically that he injured himself. Two of his albums (Relapse in 2009 and Recovery in 2010) chronicle his attempt to overcome his drug abuse.

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