21 Celebrities Who Tricked Us Into Thinking They Were Talented

It doesn’t take much to turn yourself into a celebrity these days. You need a talented PR team, someone to run your social media accounts, a stylist, and a personal trainer. Lately, it seems like having actual talent in your field isn’t actual a prerequisite for being successful. There are tons of singers that rely on auto-tune, and tons of actors that pick parts in movies based on how good they’re going to look onscreen. Here are a few celebs that totally tricked people into thinking they were actually talented.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the epitome of a celebrity that’s famous just for being famous. She catapulted her whole family into the limelight with the “leak” of her sex tape with Ray J, and ever since then has traded on her notoriety in order to secure an income. She and her sisters will shill for anything, even bogus diet supplements, as long as they get a paycheck. Although she’s modeled and acted in the past, she’s been horrendous at both of those things, and should probably just stick to making money from club appearances.

Allan Bregg / Shutterstock.com
Allan Bregg / Shutterstock.com