10 Book-To-Movie Adaptations Authors Hate

Ever read a book and get excited about the possibility of seeing it turned into a movie, only to be vastly disappointed with how the film portrayed the story? You aren’t the only one! Many readers have felt letdown after watching book-to-movie adaptations. Hollywood often turns popular novels into something entirely different, deleting storylines or changing outcomes to give the story mass-audience appeal.

If you’re disappointed as a fan, imagine how authors feel. What if the author of a book doesn’t approve of how his story was told on-screen? Well, that’s a different situation all together!

Below are ten examples of book-to-movie adaptations that the original simply hated:

10. Forrest Gump – Winston Groom

The 1994 Hollywood blockbuster Forrest Gump defined a generation when Gump uttered the words, “Life is life a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Unfortunately, this famous line also defines the feeling Winston Groom, author of the 1986 Forrest Gump novel, had when he saw the movie. He was quite displeased that the film removed important plot points from his book and cleaned up some of the sex and language. He was even more upset that producers didn’t ante up three percent of the profits – profits that were promised to Groom in his contract. Groom ended up suing the producers and, interestingly enough, the author was never mentioned in any of the six Oscar speeches for the movie’s awards.

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9. Queen of the Damned – Anne Rice

When her 1988 novel Queen of the Damned was turned into a popular 2002 movie, author Anne Rice believed that producers “mutilated” her work. Rice wanted the world to know, too, so she headed to Facebook to tell her followers to avoid the flick. This wasn’t Rice’s first battle with film adaptations; she also had casting issues when her 1976 book Interview with the Vampire hit the big screen. She hated the entire cast and had a huge problem with Tom Cruise as the story’s lead. Interestingly enough, Rice did sing a different tune after she saw the movie and realized Cruise was an impressive actor.


8. The Shining – Stephen King

Believe it or not, Stephen King was disappointed with the book-to-movie adaptation of his 1977 novel The Shining. While King admired director Stanley Kubrick, he was quite disappointed with Kubrick’s work on the 1980 film. King thought that the Overlook Hotel lacked inhuman evil onscreen. The author also thought Jack Nicholson’s performance was weak. King disliked The Shining film so much that he ended up working with director Mick Garris more than 17 years later to produce a TV version for ABC.

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